Gran trekking of the blooms

A floreal adventure: A trek in the natural habitat beside the urban environment

A look at the natural world surrounding the urban environment, between spontaneous blooming and the historical Burcina Park.
This excursion, which is suitable for everyone, starts from Biella and terminates at the Martini Tower which dominates the view of the plain, crossing the Gorgomoro park with its amazing wild garlic.
This is the perfect occasion to admire well-known areas of the territory, marvelling at their image and biodiversity.
In short…… to be blown away.

Naturalistic & photographic aspects will be developed and photo opportunities will be provided along the way.

Technical notes
Departure point: Chiesa di S.Giuseppe – Gorgomoro
Timetable: 9:30 – 16:00 circa
Route: Gorgomoro – Parco della Burcina
Altitude difference: circa 400m
Length of route: 15km circa (including return journey)
Duration: 6h circa (including return journey)





Durata: 6h

Dislivello: 400m

Lunghezza: 15km (percorso ad anello)

Interessi: natura e archeologia

Cosa portare
  • macchina fotografica
  • bastoncini da trekking
  • k-way
  • pranzo al sacco

Adulti: 10€

Bambini sotto i 14 anni: 5€